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It’s possible to remove unwanted behaviors fear & force free. I’ll show you how. 

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Welcome to Loving Dog Training! I'm Vivi, a certified dog trainer, committed to using only fear-free and force-free, science-based methods during training sessions. Over the past 7 years of my dog training journey, I have dedicated my time to crafting a personalized training experience tailored to your unique journey and your pup's specific needs. Together, we'll navigate every step, addressing and preventing unwanted behaviors such as reactivity, separation anxiety, jumping, biting, leash pulling, counter surfing, and demand barking. My mission is to empower pet parents to provide their furry companions with the best possible life, all while enjoying the training process. So, are you ready to get started? Check out services to find the perfect training program for you. 

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Virtual training allows me to see your dog's "true" behaviors! Often times, dog's will act "better" for the treat lady--this let's me truly know!

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Get immediate access to tools and strategies for common puppy behaviors and proactively prevent future issues like aggression, separation anxiety, resource guarding, and reactivity.

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Hello, I'm Vivi! As a passionate dog trainer, my mission is to create positive and personalized training experiences for you and your furry companion. With dedication and expertise, I guide you through a journey that enhances the bond between you and your dog. Let's embark on a rewarding training adventure together!

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"Vivi is an amazing teacher. We have a very high anxiety puppy who is a resource and attention hoarder. She has taught our family invaluable lessons about caring for and living with our beloved puppy intentionally with compassion. We took the 6-week course and plan to do further training with Vivi. Her sessions are packed with lessons and reinforcement practice. She focuses on the animal(s), the people and the environment and teaches a wholistic approach. We love working with Vivi and look forward to each week’s session." - Laura W

"We love working with Vivi and look forward to each week’s session."

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