Puppy Items


After years of extensive research and hands on training, I have found that these products are fundamental in your puppies training journey!

From how to create healthy boundaries, set up a successful potty station, to what treats and tools to use. 

*all of these items are handpicked by me, tested by me, and loved by me! 

Spend your money on healthy products instead of fillers

Favorite Chews & Treats

While your puppy is teething, give them a bully stick to prevent them chewing on you and furniture! 

Bully stick + Bully stick safety lock

Your puppy gut healthy effects their mental health. Start them on a clean and healthy kibble to avoid an upset stomach. 

Open Farm Puppy Grain-Free Food

Keep their treats healthy and use something with only 1 ingredient, chicken! 

Simply Nourish Freeze dried chicken 

training tools you can't live without

Must Need Puppy Products

Create healthy boundaries early on! Set up a play pen with fake grass, water, bones, and toys when you are busy and working. 


Giving your dog a safe place in your home for when you can not keep a close eye on them removes bad behaviors from forming. 

Travel crate

Ditch potty pads, and opt for fake grass! Potty pads are easily digestible and become something fun to chew.

Fake Grass training pads 

"Place" is going to give your dog a spot to be while you have guests over, do chores, and relax. This elevated bed helps aid in training, versus a mat on the floor. 

 Elevated dog bed

Having treats on you is a must to reward behavior you want to see happen consistently. If you are left looking for a treat you might miss an opportunity.  

Treat Pouch

Reduce play biting by having a long toy to play with. Your puppy may bite you when playing with short toys.

Flirt Pole

you'll love

Say goodbye to itchy, dry skin. This omega oil gives back your dogs shiny coat. 

Native Pet Omega Oil

Kibble has been dehydrated, it is recommended to rehydrate your kibble to avoid kibble fatigue. This is also perfect for picky eaters. A broth that has benefits. 

Open Farm Bone Broth Bundle