As a seven-year certified dog trainer, I specialize in providing expert guidance for puppies and pet parents seeking effective training solutions. With a wealth of experience, my focus is on fostering a positive learning environment that empowers both pups and their owners to thrive in their training journey.

In-Person Dog Training With Vivi

positive reinforcement, fear & force free

You've tried everything but you are questioning if you are trying the right thing. Working through your dogs behavior on your own can feel lonely. That's where I step in. I am here to be your safe place, your sounding board, and your answers to all your questions. I teach you and your dog to work as a team and enjoy it! My goal is to help you and your furry companion improve your life and build more confidence. Feel reassured and relaxed you are doing what is best for you and your dog. 

i see you...

You're tired of trying different things you see on the internet. 

In my 7 years of training I have never had to use prong collars, shock collars, force/hitting, pain, or other harsh corrections to see the results we want. I am here to help you and your dog without compromising your values and morals.

Elevate your dog's life without force/fear

There is just so much exciting information I am ready to share with you. So excited I cant wait!! To avoid you feeling overwhelmed or lost, I have created documents and videos for with step by step instructions.  

Receive immediate tools & strategies

In dog training, the notion of "one size fits all" is as limiting as it is in clothing. Recognizing the individuality of each dog, our customized approach ensures tailored solutions for every client, fostering an environment where dogs can truly thrive. Because, when it comes to your canine companion, one size simply doesn't fit all.

a custom tailored approach

3 Ways My Approach is Different...

- We take the guessing out of the everyday life routine, by creating an easy to follow step-by-step training plan and habits tailored to your lifestyle. Because training is not one size fits all I take into account everything on your plate already. I am not here to add more stress to your life but instead add moments of training into your already existing habits within the home, neighborhood, and outings. 

As a result, you see successul behaviors from your dog everyday. 

- I am a proactive trainer. When you approach training with a  reactive mindset, you are working through problems as they show up, one after the other. It feels like a never ending cycle. Instead we will be proactive and spend a little time to work on preventing behaviors from forming. My clients are able to work on current undesired behaviors WHILE preventing future behaviors that may arise. 

Results my clients see...

Prevention of Future Behavioral Problems:

Proven Strategies and Personalized Guidance:

"Vivianna is absolutely fantastic! She comes to you so you get the training you and your dog need in your own environment. It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” program. She provides training, solutions, and management based on your specific needs/issues.
We plan to continue for as long as we can because well our Poppy is doing so well!" - Meghan R

"It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” program."


$799 for 6 sessions

* After payments are available. After completing the program, you can add on additional coaching

*best for puppies under a year

+ 6 private hourly sessions
+ Customized training plan to meet your goals and lifestyle 
+ Custom made routine to give you the tools to succeed daily 
+ Text message access with Vivi to answer any questions 
+ Exclusive access to our puppy training guide with all the information you need for your first year of having a puppy! 

what's included

Our coaching happens all in the comfort of your home, neighborhood, and favorite locations to visit. Each session is 1 hour, every week, for 6 weeks. You can also check in and ask questions over text! 

Private Puppy Coaching

Through positive reinforcement, your dog learns in a supportive and enjoyable environment, leading to improved obedience, confidence, and a deeper connection with you as their owner.

positive support

Each training session is carefully crafted to address your dog's strengths and weaknesses, maximizing progress while fostering a strong bond between you and your pet.

customized training plan

By working with me, you tap into years of experience in handling various breeds and temperaments, ensuring that your dog receives the most effective and appropriate training methods tailored to their individual needs.

1:1 experienced guidance

What sessions are like...

Gloria and her family felt hopeless not knowing how to get Luna to stop pulling. They were no longer able to walk her and felt discouraged. 

After one session her walking completely changed! It was so helpful to walk their neighborhood route with them and pin point the reasons Luna was pulling. 

We created a walking routine of what to do before a walk, during a walk, and after a walk. 

She now focuses and walks directly to the side of them for a walk. She sniffs without pulling and can walk past people and dogs without vocalizing she wants to say hi. 

Luna's parents now feel excited and happy to walk her daily as they have created a bonding experience over a frustrating task. 

client  success  story!

My client Gloria and her Puppy Luna were struggling to go on a walk 


"Viviana has been working with our rescue Daisy for a few months now and I must say she has made a difference in our Daisy’s behavior! Now our Daisy No longer jumps on guests that walk into our door. Viviana has so much patience and knowledge in handling our fur babies! I highly recommend her services, you will not regret but fall in love with the love and attention she gives our fur children! Our Daisy now is calm and full of spunk and loves giving kisses, paw and high fives! 🐶" - Aracely M

"Viviana has so much patience and knowledge in handling our fur  babies!"

"We have two puppies that Viviana and I would train together. They had all the issues you could think of. Viviana was so patient with them, even when I was frustrated. The puppy program was such a great way to stay on track and practice what was taught. I really enjoyed our Mondays together, she really is the BEST!!" - Paige O

"Viviana was so patient with them, even when I was frustrated. "

"I hired Viviana to help train my 4 month old puppy that we got from a shelter. She was extremely professional and confident in her skills and expertise in training. Our puppy was able to learn some basic commands like sit and stay but she went beyond that and helped us to socialize our dog by meeting us at the park for one of our sessions. I am very pleased with the training and support that we received and am happy to refer her to anyone who needs training." - Mrs. W

"She was extremely professional and confident in her skills and expertise in training."

 She was born to be a dog trainer. What ever goals we have for our dog (Escobar) or whatever challenges we present her with, her methods are always spot on and effective. We tried several training options, before we found Loving Dog Training. Our search is over.
We are 100% satisfied and have complete confidence in Vivi. Reach out to Vivi at Loving Dog Training and get started. This review has the enthusiastic endorsement of Hawaii's one and only "Escobar"

"When we are working with Vivi, it feels like we are with family. It just makes everything much easier and more comfortable."

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